Welcome to my cutting-edge realtor skill building site. This is all about the art of selling real estate.


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Welcome to BangThePhones.com. How would you like to make $17,000 in a week?

I created this site with a two intentions and it’s turned into something greater over time.

I wanted to build a team of competent professionals, with the sales ability to help any consumer.

I also wanted to offer these tips as a way to help both me and others stay at the top of their game. How often do we just slip into the grind of the business? All the time. From the top producers to the average agent closing six or seven deals a year, we all fall victim to the grind.

This website has helped me to stay above the grind and reminds me to take my game to the next level.

How many times have you taken an Up Call and you were feeling overwhelmed, tired and just burned out?

This would happen to me all the time. But in reading through sales material and even watching my own videos would help remind me that the person on the phone call is expecting a pro – and that’s what I want to be for them – on every call.

Over time, I noticed that agents from around the country were calling me and so I decided to add my private training site as a way to offer anyone a chance to learn the sales techniques I have been perfecting.


tom mcgiveron private training site



I have paid over $7,500 for the techniques, strategies and materials I offer on my private training site. I offer it to anyone (as of May, 2017) for ONLY $199.00.

The private training site offers
sales techniques, scripts and much more on topics such as:
How To Create Urgency In The Sales Cycle
Buyer Dialogues
Buyer Screening Script
Seller Cold Call Scripts
Door Knocking Scripts
Expired Mailer Copy
CMA Dialogues
Buyer Client Dialogues
Closing Techniques

This site is packed with information.

I have videos that cover most of the topics so YOU can listen to the content over and over again for memorizing.

Make NO MISTAKE, the words we use make the difference between a $30,000 income to a $300,000 income! Because so much of us lose out because we’re simply AFRAID to do the things necessary to make that amount of money. Literally, you avoid cold calling for instance, because – you don’t know how to do it.

The $199.00 fee (for the time being until I change the pricing) covers membership to my private training site for life. So you can have access 24 hours a day to this incredible content. I also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Book A Time To Talk Directly To Tom (Using Calendly)

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For anyone looking to join my team, this content is FREE of course, plus you get one-to-one coaching from me on a bi-weekly basis. So if you’re local to Long Island, call me today for an interview.

Again, thank you for visiting BangThePhones.com!

Contact Tom directly at (631)831-9048.

Is $17,000 in a week a lot of money? Only you can be the judge of that. Where did I get the $17,000 from? It’s what one of my team members made last week! Let’s do this!

Okay so you’re squabbling over the fee. Well I am not going to lower it because that price is insane. Here’s the thing I will tell you.

What is on this site is not anywhere else. Some of the content may be free online somewhere – like the killer door knocking script may be duplicated in one way on youtube for free. Sure.

But we all know that scripts aren’t what help prospects make decisions. It’s mastering the layers of how to listen, and speak and what to say in follow up that make the difference.

In addition, if you don’t know HOW TO PROSPECT, well then knowing what to say isn’t going to help you too much because you won’t have enough people to say it to!

For $199.00, I’m telling you, without doubt, this single fee will be the greatest investment of your real estate career. And oh yeah – there’s a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for 30 days! Try it out, get a refund if you don’t find it useful!

What have you got to lose other than your next deal because you don’t have the follow up plan I have or the skills to convince someone – when they flat out say – NO – you just don’t have the skills or knowledge of what to say next.

I am more convinced of the reasons you should say YES to this, than you are to say NO

– SO prove it to yourself and treat yourself to a first-class experience of real estate SALES training.

I’ll see you on the other side.