Focusing On Client Service

It’s been a while since my last post or video mainly because I’ve been so laser-focused on improving our client services and organizing our team operations.

Part of keeping up with this market (which is taking off right now) requires dedication to the client experience. I’ve also backed off of mainly because I wanted to hone my skills further before offering more content.

Last year, as a team, we more than doubled our production in units sold and overall gross commission income.

To the consumer, this means basically nothing except – we sell real estate and if you want to sell a home, hiring sales professionals like us is a wise move.

To the agent reading this post, you may be in a place where you’re just not feeling entirely complete as an agent. If you feel you aren’t serving your clients as good as you can feel free to call me direct at (631)468-4867.

I made a decision in the last several months, to put a singular focus on improving how we service our clients.

You can certainly expect new videos coming out very soon as we tackle new topics and cutting edge sales techniques!

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