Requirements For Making “A Sale”

What are the requirements for making a sale? What is “a sale”?

In the time I have been a real estate agent, I spent most of my career kind of winging it. What do I mean by that? I mean, I never really understood the sales process. I also didn’t refine my presentation to be geared around closing the deal at the end.

There are two main components to sales:
1. The selling process
2. The closing process

So many times, I would leave a presentation without a written agreement (listing agreement, buyer broker agreement, etc). And of course, sometimes I still do. However, those times are fewer and fewer because I have identified the requirements to making the sale.

For me, when I “make the sale”, it simply means that I have helped someone make a decision to do business with me. I have convinced them that hiring me is in their best interest.

I don’t do that by constantly “selling” either. I provide the information, I sell my services and what I do and how I do it, but then there is a critical point where the sale must be closed.

Knowing the requirements for getting to that point is critical. If I don’t have these seven things in place, there most likely will not be a sale. There will be a “leave off” point where the potential client will give me the “I’ll get back to you” response.

Requirements For Making The Sale

This is a screenshot of the private/unlisted video which is viewable only on my private training site. The video is 5 minutes long and covers all requirements for making a sale.

I’ll give you one of the requirements.

Sold On The service/Home

Is the potential seller or buyer, sold on what I am discussing with them? You must know this in order to carry out the order (have them sign a listing agreement, sales agreement, etc).

One key question you might ask is, “Have you seen enough to make a decision?” This is a great direct question to ask during your presentation. Once I have covered the key points addressing what they are looking for (key part of the sales process), then I can move to the close.

Good luck!


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