Real Estate Sales – Handling The Reason

When it comes to real estate sales, handling the reason someone is planning on buying or selling a home is vital.

Asking “Why” is the single most powerful question in all of sales. Knowing leads to yes, whereas not knowing will get you to NO more times than not.

This valuable lesson took me 10 years to figure out.

When you ask someone why they want to sell NOW, gets you to the core of their goals. Similarly, asking a potential buyer on the phone on the very first conversation – “why do you want to buy a home now?” – will get you closer to understanding their needs.

Ultimately, figuring out the reason people are buying or selling will absolutely help you in servicing the client or customer much more effectively. Their reason becomes your reason and that, in my opinion, makes a better team.

Good luck. Make it happen!

I have a full video segment on this along with segments on how to foster urgency with a client and customer on my private training site. And not pushy salesman stuff, but genuine, positive and helpful urgency. People like to make decisions and like to be decisive. As a professional salesperson, it’s part of your “job” description to help people make decisions.

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