Best Sales Tip To Close In Sales

I have one of the best sales tips to close in sales that you won’t readily find anywhere on the internet. I paid $6,400 to learn it and I’m going to give it to you here for $49.00.

I mean I will write it here so you can read it, but knowing what to say and implement it in front of a customer is a whole different ball game.

Be convinced and have conviction to YES above and beyond the potential client’s conviction to say NO.

When the potential client (who represents your business, your survival, your opportunity to wow another person and earn their trust and their money and then their referrals) – when this person says to you:
“Listen, I don’t care what you say tonight, I am not going to sign anything. I am not going to make a decision. Period.I like what I hear, but I have to think about (or) I have to pray about it (or) I have to interview another agent (etc).”

What do you say?

That’s conviction. That person has high conviction.

You must have more conviction for them to say yes to you, then they have to say no to you!

Now if you can convey this to a potential seller, who’s considering listing their home, and at the very least, get them to seriously consider signing right then and there, then that’s worth something.

If I told you that membership to my private training site for $49.00 was worth it if you just got this ONE close and learned it, lived it and implemented it, that this single investment of $49 would be worth potentially tens of thousands of dollars…wouldn’t it be worth it to pay the ridiculously low price of $49?

See below. Let’s go!

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