The Art of Prospecting In Real Estate

The art of prospecting in real estate is quite the topic of mystery, folklore and just bad advice in general.

Prospecting comes from the Latin term, to Prosper. Right? Makes sense. He/she who prospects will prosper. The better you are at PROSPECTING, the better you’ll PROSPER.

In my latest addition to my private training site, the PROSPECTING MODULE was added to provide any real estate agent with a comprehensive look at how to prospect efficiently and effectively.

I can tell you it all starts with your database. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend

Proudly Working by Referral! Referral Maker CRM

In my latest training module, I lay out a 15 point plan on how to create a “Money-Machine-Database”!

This single training module includes letters and emails to your database, scripts for calling your database, how to create a csv file for uploading your database, how to develop your database and how to convert contacts from social media into viable referral sources.

This training module ALONE is worth $1,200. And you can have it all for literally $49.00.

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