Listing Presentation – Yes Questions Lead To Yes

How many times have you been at a listing presentation and you get to a point where you’ve presented your yourself, your company, the price, commission….and you say something like, “Okay so what do you folks want to do?”.

Our job as professionals is to help people make decisions. Leading someone along the path to the right decision – hiring you (if you truly in your heart believe you are that person and company) – takes skill.

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Best Sales Tip To Close In Sales

I have one of the best sales tips to close in sales that you won’t readily find anywhere on the internet. I paid $6,400 to learn it and I’m going to give it to you here for $49.00.

I mean I will write it here so you can read it, but knowing what to say and implement it in front of a customer is a whole different ball game.

Be convinced and have conviction to YES above and beyond the potential client’s conviction to say NO.

When the potential client (who represents your business, your survival, your opportunity to wow another person and earn their trust and their money and then their referrals) – when this person says to you:
“Listen, I don’t care what you say tonight, I am not going to sign anything. I am not going to make a decision. Period.I like what I hear, but I have to think about (or) I have to pray about it (or) I have to interview another agent (etc).”

What do you say?

That’s conviction. That person has high conviction.

You must have more conviction for them to say yes to you, then they have to say no to you!

Now if you can convey this to a potential seller, who’s considering listing their home, and at the very least, get them to seriously consider signing right then and there, then that’s worth something.

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See below. Let’s go!

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Definition of “A Close” In Sales

I wanted to take moment and simply offer a definition of a close in sales.

Since the term may seem “negative” to some, I wanted to make this short and sweet and definitely to the point.

The definition of a close in sales is simple: Closing a potential decision maker means helping them make a decision that will truly benefit them.

The term “close” in the Cambridge Dictionary:

Every single person, no matter how much they like to analyze a situation, wants to make a decision for the better and move forward. Always remember this. If you truly believe in what you do and believe in your value to a potential client or customer, you have a duty and responsibility to help them choose you.

That’s closing! Make it happen.

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Real Estate Sales – Handling The Reason

When it comes to real estate sales, handling the reason someone is planning on buying or selling a home is vital.

Asking “Why” is the single most powerful question in all of sales. Knowing leads to yes, whereas not knowing will get you to NO more times than not.

This valuable lesson took me 10 years to figure out.

When you ask someone why they want to sell NOW, gets you to the core of their goals. Similarly, asking a potential buyer on the phone on the very first conversation – “why do you want to buy a home now?” – will get you closer to understanding their needs.

Ultimately, figuring out the reason people are buying or selling will absolutely help you in servicing the client or customer much more effectively. Their reason becomes your reason and that, in my opinion, makes a better team.

Good luck. Make it happen!

I have a full video segment on this along with segments on how to foster urgency with a client and customer on my private training site. And not pushy salesman stuff, but genuine, positive and helpful urgency. People like to make decisions and like to be decisive. As a professional salesperson, it’s part of your “job” description to help people make decisions.

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The 4 Objections In Sales

There are only 4 objections in sales.

[I am offering the full video here. Again, this material and more is available on my private training website for team members and subscribers]

Consumer’s use these objections either with legitimate reasons (and money is never legitimate) or they are not SOLD on something you’re presenting. An example of a legitimate objection would be timing of their kids graduation or their retirement.

Take OWNERSHIP of your failure to convince someone to buy from you.

The advantage of knowing what objection a potential client/customer is using, puts you in a position to know how to handle that objection. This is very important.

Listen, you either want to sell or you will be sold!

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Requirements For Making “A Sale”

What are the requirements for making a sale? What is “a sale”?

In the time I have been a real estate agent, I spent most of my career kind of winging it. What do I mean by that? I mean, I never really understood the sales process. I also didn’t refine my presentation to be geared around closing the deal at the end.

There are two main components to sales:
1. The selling process
2. The closing process

So many times, I would leave a presentation without a written agreement (listing agreement, buyer broker agreement, etc). And of course, sometimes I still do. However, those times are fewer and fewer because I have identified the requirements to making the sale.

For me, when I “make the sale”, it simply means that I have helped someone make a decision to do business with me. I have convinced them that hiring me is in their best interest.

I don’t do that by constantly “selling” either. I provide the information, I sell my services and what I do and how I do it, but then there is a critical point where the sale must be closed.

Knowing the requirements for getting to that point is critical. If I don’t have these seven things in place, there most likely will not be a sale. There will be a “leave off” point where the potential client will give me the “I’ll get back to you” response.

Requirements For Making The Sale

This is a screenshot of the private/unlisted video which is viewable only on my private training site. The video is 5 minutes long and covers all requirements for making a sale.

I’ll give you one of the requirements.

Sold On The service/Home

Is the potential seller or buyer, sold on what I am discussing with them? You must know this in order to carry out the order (have them sign a listing agreement, sales agreement, etc).

One key question you might ask is, “Have you seen enough to make a decision?” This is a great direct question to ask during your presentation. Once I have covered the key points addressing what they are looking for (key part of the sales process), then I can move to the close.

Good luck!


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