Sales Cycle – Creating Urgency

In the sales cycle, you want to be able to increase urgency in order to help someone move to a decision.

In the next 10 phone call you make or contacts overall, this video covers what you need to do today on those next prospecting calls in order to increase odds of moving your sales cycle forward!

This is a screenshot of the video. In order to access, you’ll need to make a one-time purchase of $49.00 (see pay button below) which gives you lifetime access to all sales content.
The Sales Cycle
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Incoming Sales Calls: How To Handle Incoming Calls Like A Pro

So you’re on the road and you get a call. It’s a ‘zillow call’ that you’re not prepared for and don’t have information, nor do you have your buyer intake form on you. How do you handle incoming calls like a pro?

No problem!

On my private training site (which you can purchase below), I have it covered. So often we ask the same questions as real estate agents:
“Are you pre-approved?”
“Are you working with an agent?”

Well my incoming call “form” is more of a guide than a form. It’s a conversation and includes proven techniques to increase the callers interest in what you have to offer, even if you don’t have the information.

I constantly have to remind myself that I am a professional salesperson. My job is to serve the consumer or client but my “job” for me – is to sell myself and my services so that I earn peoples business, so that I earn money.

The words lost opportunity in the sales business are deadly and widespread.

My job on any phone call, is to serve the consumer but to also position myself as the person the consumer wants to do business with now and in the future.

The link below is the actual guide for an incoming phone call. And this guide was specifically designed for an incoming cold call from a consumer regarding anything. If it’s one of your own listings, then obviously you might modify steps 7 and 8 and move to step 9 and 10.

This tremendous dialogue is designed again, to control the conversation so that you are positioned as the person with the information the consumer wants. Remember this, people are calling and have only one interest in mind – themselves.

Notice closely on this guide for incoming calls, you do not once talk about yourself until the end and you’re still just giving information. Information is what the consumer wants. A few quick qualifying questions in step 3 gets you to know the caller quickly. Step 4 is great because it creates an introduction to meeting with the caller for an appointment – and not necessarily a showing appointment on the wrong house (over 50% of all incoming sales calls in general, are targeted at the incorrect product/service).

Here’s the link:

If the link doesn’t open up, text me at (631)831-9048.

And if you like what you see, don’t forget to purchase access to the entire private training site filled with tons of dialogues, training videos and other goodies.
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BangThePhones – Tip #17 Powerful Greeting In Sales

I’ll probably do a video on this topic but this is money-in-the-professional-skills-bank.

So often I hear sales people take a phone call or make an outgoing call and they’re so used to handling things the same way they have, that they miss out on the opportunity to give the person on the phone a powerful greeting.

A powerful greeting isn’t being overly excited or loud or boisterous and it’s not about getting information on the caller like, “are you pre-approved for a mortgage”.

Lazy habits create lazy results. I’m so guilty of this as well. Definitely guilty as charged!

So what is a powerful greeting?

There are 3 key components. One of which, I will share here and it’s the basis for the rest of the conversation (and all other conversations thereafter).


The first rule of sales is, always agree. Always agree!

Now how does this become part of the power greeting you ask? Simple – when someone calls on a property lets say. It’s your listing, it’s not your listing and it’s a zillow lead, whatever – doesn’t matter.

What is that person looking for? What’s the one thing that person is looking for? What’s the one thing that every single person who calls you is looking for?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you’re in deep trouble. Call me to find out – (631)831-9048.

Okay so maybe you know the answer or you don’t. Either way, agree!

So I might say to the person, “No problem. I’d be happy to get that information for you.”

Now what did I do there? Did I blurt out the answer to their question. And stop for a second and think about something; If a person is calling you or sending you an email about something in the initial phase of the purchase pathway, why are they calling you or emailing you?

If you don’t know the answer to that vital question, you’ve got to call me. Seriously. (And I’m not going to sell you on anything – I’m a real estate agent I’m too busy to try and sell anything else! lol)

So assuming you don’t know the answer to that question or the previous one, it still doesn’t change the foundation of the power greeting – “Absolutely, I’d love to get that handled for you sir.”

Now of course the next 2 steps are vital to your sales effectiveness.

Fill in the blank here: He who ______ the questions and _____ _____ ________, is in control of the sales process (without taking _______ away from the consumer).

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Clarifying What The Skill Of Sales Is and What This Website Is About

I wanted to clarify something that I think may be throwing some people off when they see this site.

First of all, I’m in the business of real estate so that I can provide what I want for my family. So I talk a lot about making money. Some of it’s funny and that’s OKAY.

However, the art of selling and this website and my team and all that I do is about something very serious. It’s about helping people on how to help other people – get to an exchange point or – a sale. Selling is about helping people make a decision…in their favor.

Selling is the art of persuasion for what the other person wants. Read that again and again until you understand it. It’s important.

So I put this video on youtube (while I had a cold so I look under the weather a bit, but go with it) –

It’s all about clarity. Sales isn’t a bunch of one-liners. It is about perfecting a craft like any other so that you can provide a benefit in the exchange process.

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Incoming Call Greeting Tip #12

Too often, we all answer the phones on-the-go. Whether we’re in our car, between appointments, eating lunch or dinner, out on vacation, where ever.

If you think about it though, how often do we not give our full attention to the incoming call? On our team, I’ve designed a 10 point questionnaire that move the caller to an appointment. So no matter if you’re getting a call from zillow on a property you have no information on, or a call on one of your own listings, you’ll be able to help the caller.

Number one on the questionnaire is a strong greeting.

This video gives what appears to be a simple tip, but it’s one that is not as easy to implement. I challenge you to watch the video and take seriously, your effort to implement this one change in how you answer the phone.

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Real Estate Sales – Are They Three Dirty Words?

Real estate sales is a term I searched on, a site dedicated to providing content for social media postings. Of course, a great tip is for you to use buzzsumo in your social media marketing, but I digress.

Anyway, buzzsumo is a website that breaks down information and shows google rankings, social graphs, backlinks, shares and a host of data and rankings for content on the web.

I searched “real estate sales” and buzzsumo showed me the following:
snapshot of buzzsumo

To my surprise, there isn’t a whole lot of content that’s linked back to “real estate sales”. So my question is, are “sales” skills a bad thing?

I hear all kinds of real estate agents, calling themselves “advisors” or “consultants”. I hear people say, “A home sells itself. Either the buyer likes it or they don’t”.

But how many times have you been in a spot where people hesitate when they should move forward? How many times have you come to a point where you’re negotiating with another agent, you’ve broken everything thing down (supposedly) – the monthly payment difference, the cost per day of .87 cents, whatever the case is.

You’re working with an agent with their buyer or seller, and you can’t seem to negotiate $2,500 on a $350,000 sale.

Let me tell you, “sales” is everything. If you don’t have the skills to help someone make a decision – a good decision for themselves, then your consultant or advisor “skills” aren’t helping the “home sell itself”.

Homes cannot sell themselves. A home doesn’t help explain documents or smile and crack a joke at the right time. A home doesn’t drive the buyer to the banker. A home doesn’t give referrals or get information for a buyer or homeowner to help them get more information. A home doesn’t think, has no feelings and can’t do anything, other than sit there. It’s made of wood, cement, nails, tiles, sheet rock – it’s just a home.

A professionally trained person who understands the art of real estate sales will be the difference maker.

I am a real estate salesperson and I’m proud to be one!

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Subscribe To Our Youtube Page! – Tip #11 Professional Voice Mail Greeting

I posted this video and it’s got a great tip on how you have to have a strong professional voice mail greeting.

I think too often, real estate agents don’t put a greeting on their phone and that’s not good for a few reasons:

1. People forget who they’re calling.
2. It’s unprofessional as a business to not have a greeting for customers
3. Other agents or customers who are just calling back from caller ID may not bother to leave a message.

Remember, we have to take every opportunity to sell our names. No voice mail greeting is an unacceptable selling practice.

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Definition of “Making A Sale”

Since this blog is dedicated to bringing sales techniques and strategies to real estate agents and recruiting people to my team, I thought I’d clarify something important.

When you “sell” someone on the idea of buying a home or listing their home with you – you essentially – “made a sale”. You convinced someone to hire you. When you convince someone to take any course of action, you’ve essentially “sold them” on their own conviction.

“Making a sale” is helping someone hear themselves and see their options. I consider my skills as a human relations coordinator, if you will, as my best business asset.

My ability to listen, identify and work with people through any and all situations in real estate, helps any person I’m working with to make decisions. That’s what “selling” is.

It’s asking the right questions such as, “What information do you need in order to make the best decision possible?” And then asking the right follow up questions after that and then listening to the answers. While they’re talking, don’t be thinking about what you’re going to say next!

“Making a sale” also involves a can-do attitude – a super can-do/positive attitude. What is that?

So next time you’re speaking with someone about convincing them to take a course of action, whether it’s hiring you, accepting an offer, increasing their offer on a house, adjusting the price of their home – remember that when you help them make a decision – either way, that’s when you’ve truly helped them.

“Making a sale” or “selling someone” isn’t about you; It’s about them. They’re the ones making the decisions. This helps me have conversations with people and allows me to take the content of those conversations all the way. And I’m not talking about “closing someone” on this blog, simply as a means to get what I want, but it’s about the other person getting what they want.

Because if I can help others get what they truly want, then, and only then, will I get what I want for me and my family.

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