Incoming Sales Calls: How To Handle Incoming Calls Like A Pro

So you’re on the road and you get a call. It’s a ‘zillow call’ that you’re not prepared for and don’t have information, nor do you have your buyer intake form on you. How do you handle incoming calls like a pro?

No problem!

On my private training site (which you can purchase below), I have it covered. So often we ask the same questions as real estate agents:
“Are you pre-approved?”
“Are you working with an agent?”

Well my incoming call “form” is more of a guide than a form. It’s a conversation and includes proven techniques to increase the callers interest in what you have to offer, even if you don’t have the information.

I constantly have to remind myself that I am a professional salesperson. My job is to serve the consumer or client but my “job” for me – is to sell myself and my services so that I earn peoples business, so that I earn money.

The words lost opportunity in the sales business are deadly and widespread.

My job on any phone call, is to serve the consumer but to also position myself as the person the consumer wants to do business with now and in the future.

The link below is the actual guide for an incoming phone call. And this guide was specifically designed for an incoming cold call from a consumer regarding anything. If it’s one of your own listings, then obviously you might modify steps 7 and 8 and move to step 9 and 10.

This tremendous dialogue is designed again, to control the conversation so that you are positioned as the person with the information the consumer wants. Remember this, people are calling and have only one interest in mind – themselves.

Notice closely on this guide for incoming calls, you do not once talk about yourself until the end and you’re still just giving information. Information is what the consumer wants. A few quick qualifying questions in step 3 gets you to know the caller quickly. Step 4 is great because it creates an introduction to meeting with the caller for an appointment – and not necessarily a showing appointment on the wrong house (over 50% of all incoming sales calls in general, are targeted at the incorrect product/service).

Here’s the link:

If the link doesn’t open up, text me at (631)831-9048.

And if you like what you see, don’t forget to purchase access to the entire private training site filled with tons of dialogues, training videos and other goodies.
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