BangThePhones – Tip #17 Powerful Greeting In Sales

I’ll probably do a video on this topic but this is money-in-the-professional-skills-bank.

So often I hear sales people take a phone call or make an outgoing call and they’re so used to handling things the same way they have, that they miss out on the opportunity to give the person on the phone a powerful greeting.

A powerful greeting isn’t being overly excited or loud or boisterous and it’s not about getting information on the caller like, “are you pre-approved for a mortgage”.

Lazy habits create lazy results. I’m so guilty of this as well. Definitely guilty as charged!

So what is a powerful greeting?

There are 3 key components. One of which, I will share here and it’s the basis for the rest of the conversation (and all other conversations thereafter).


The first rule of sales is, always agree. Always agree!

Now how does this become part of the power greeting you ask? Simple – when someone calls on a property lets say. It’s your listing, it’s not your listing and it’s a zillow lead, whatever – doesn’t matter.

What is that person looking for? What’s the one thing that person is looking for? What’s the one thing that every single person who calls you is looking for?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you’re in deep trouble. Call me to find out – (631)831-9048.

Okay so maybe you know the answer or you don’t. Either way, agree!

So I might say to the person, “No problem. I’d be happy to get that information for you.”

Now what did I do there? Did I blurt out the answer to their question. And stop for a second and think about something; If a person is calling you or sending you an email about something in the initial phase of the purchase pathway, why are they calling you or emailing you?

If you don’t know the answer to that vital question, you’ve got to call me. Seriously. (And I’m not going to sell you on anything – I’m a real estate agent I’m too busy to try and sell anything else! lol)

So assuming you don’t know the answer to that question or the previous one, it still doesn’t change the foundation of the power greeting – “Absolutely, I’d love to get that handled for you sir.”

Now of course the next 2 steps are vital to your sales effectiveness.

Fill in the blank here: He who ______ the questions and _____ _____ ________, is in control of the sales process (without taking _______ away from the consumer).

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